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Corrections Management Policies and Procedures (this link will take you to the ACT Legislation Register where the policies and procedures are listed alphabetically under "Corrections Management")
Human Rights Audit on the Operation of ACT Correctional Facilities under Corrections Legislation - July 2007

International Journal of Prisoner Health

Dublin Declaration on HIV/AIDS in Prisons in Europe and Central Asia

Australian Hepatitis Council: Media release 1 Sept 2005: Hepatitis C out of
 control in Australian prisons

 World Health Organization, Evidence for Action technical papers on HIV/AIDS in prison at here & here.  

 Prison Needle Exchange: Lessons from A Comprehensive Review of International
 Evidence and Experience, Published by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network


 Maria Borzycki, Interventions for prisoners returning to the community, ISBN 0
 642 21139 6, Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia, February 2005, A report
 prepared by the Australian Institute of Criminology for the Community Safety
 and Justice Branch of the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department


 Research Paper No. 9, A Study of Best Practice in Prison Governance by Prof  Chris Tapscott, Cape Town, 2005


Reports and papers of the International Centre for Prison Studies, Kings College, London  including the following: Andrew Coyle, Managing prisons in a time of change (2002) 

 A Human Rights approach to prison management: handbook for prison staff,  Andrew Coyle

 Rob Allen & Vivien Stern, Justice reinvestment: a new approach to crime and justice (2007) (

 Andrew Coyle, Approach to prison management: handbook for prison staff

 'How to make prison more restorative', by Tim Newell and 'Restorative Practice
 in preparing prisoners for resettlement, integration and return to their


 Marian Liebmann and Stephanie Braithwaite, Restorative Justice in Custodial
 Settings: Report for the Restorative Justice Working Group in Northern Ireland


 Michael Hobbs, Kati Krazlan, Steve Ridout, Qun Mai, Matthew Knuiman and Ralph
 Chapman, Mortality and morbidity in prisoners after release from prison in
 Western Australia 1995-2003, Research and public policy series, no. 71, ISBN 1
 921185 12 0 ; ISSN 1326-6004, Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology,

 Confronting confinement: a report of the Commission on safety and abuse in
 America's prisons, June 2006

 Michael Hobbs, Kati Krazlan, Steve Ridout, Qun Mai, Matthew Knuiman, Ralph
 Chapman, No. 320: Mortality and morbidity in prisoners after release from
 prison in Western Australia 1995-2003, ISBN 1 921185 14 7 ; ISSN 0817-8542,
 July 2006

 Stuart A Kinner, The post-release experience of prisoners in Queensland,
 Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice, no. 325, ISBN 1 921185 21 X ;
 ISSN 0817-8542, Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, September 2006

 Vicki Dalton, Suicide in prison 1980 to 1998: national overview, Trends &
 Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice, No. 126: ISBN 0 642 24122 8 ; ISSN
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 suicide and self-harm in prisons, Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal
 Justice, No. 125: ISBN 0 642 24123 6 ; ISSN 0817-8542, August 1999

 Women in Prison: a report by the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland,
 March 2006
and a follow up here

 Winnunga Prison Health Community Report 2007 (1MB)