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The ACT Community Coalition on Corrections is a coalition of organisations and individuals that have an interest in corrections and particularly in the new ACT prison (the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC)), its operation and its performance. 

The Coalition meets on a regular basis to discuss issues about the new prison and to formulate proposals to the ACT Government that will improve the functioning of the centre, which will assist in the new prison meeting the goals and objectives and which will contribute to positive outcomes for prisoners.



Topical Issues

Prison Needle and Syringe Program

Hepatitis C

Preventing suicide in prison & after release

Strip searching

Correspondence re: Issues taken up


Events and Forums 

ACT Women and Prison Group and Women’s Centre for Health Matters are organizing a launch by the ACT Minister for Women, Ms Katy Gallagher MLA of ACT Women and Prisons - ‘Invisible Bars: The Stories behind the Stats’ on the 23rd July 2009 at the Reception Room at the ACT Legislative Assembly.
Copies of ACT Women and Prisons - ‘Invisible Bars: The Stories behind the Stats’ will be available on the day.
The flyer is here giving further details about the launch.  Please confirm your attendance by COB 17th July either by phone 6290 2166 or email to

Legal Aid ACT is establishing a Prisoners' Legal Service at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC). This will include a lawyer outreach service and education programs for the AMC community. Legal Aid ACT is interested in forming a network of agencies that will be providing services at the new prison. The purpose of this network will be to facilitate information sharing and promote collaboration between service providers. If your agency would like to be included in this network, please send your name, organisation and contact details to Catherine Coles, Community Legal Education Officer at or Geoff Stewart, Communication and Education manager at

Legal Aid ACT has established a Prisoners’ Legal Service at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC). This includes a lawyer outreach service and education programs for the AMC community.

A further forum is being arranged on the housing needs of people released from the new prison and what will need to be done to meet those needs. 

Speak out against strip searching which by the Attorney-General’s own admission is humiliating, intrusive and psychologically harmful to those regularly subjected to it. more >>
Alternatives to Violence Project
The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a network of independent, not-for-profit, volunteer groups. It offers experiential workshops in non-violent problem solving and creative conflict transformation.  AVP is used in prisons, schools and the wider community.

These workshops can empower individuals to liberate themselves and others from the burden of violence. The fundamental belief of AVP is that there is a power for peace and good in everyone which has the ability to transform violence. AVP builds upon a spiritual basis of respecting and caring for self and others.
More about the AVP here>>

Previous forums have covered:

"Suicide in Prisons: From Understanding to Prevention" with Professor James Ogloff


"Can NSPs reduce OH&S risk in the AMC? - Syringes and Work Safety in the new ACT prison". The speaker was  Mr John Ryan, Tuesday 24 June, 2007, 12.30 pm – 2.00pm (Listen to audio of presentation on ffdlr's website)

"How fear and stigma inhibit good health policy"

"Exploring Diversions: Implications of the new ACT Prison and Youth Detention Centre".

The launch by Professor Ian Webster of a study: "Healthy or harmful? Mental health and the operational regime of the new ACT prison". Find the study here>>

For details of these, click "Recent Forums". Audios of them may be downloaded.

The forums are intended to foster informed debate.  


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